Avanti West Coast Superfare ticket booking on mobile phone

UK: Avanti West Coast is trialling a low-price Superfare ticket, aimed at people who can be more flexible with their journeys and who would not normally opt to travel by train.

Superfare prices
London – Birmingham £12
London – Liverpool £15
London – Manchester £20
London – Preston £22

Superfare tickets are available for single journeys between London and Birmingham, Liverpool, Preston and Manchester Piccadilly.

Passengers can book from 21 to seven days ahead, specifying a specific date and a morning, afternoon or evening slot. Around 24 h before travel the operator will allocate the passenger an empty seat on a quieter train, and send them details of the departure time and seat reservation.

One-way fares cost between £12 and £22. A total of 100 000 Superfare tickets are available until the end of July, sold through the avantisuperfare.co.uk website. The number of tickets available each day will vary.

AWC is working with discount website Student Beans to promote the offer.