GTR TSGN Thameslink Class 800 EMU

UK: RSSB has opened a consultation on the Sustainable Rail Strategy Prototype, an initial version of the ‘comprehensive environment plan that will establish rail as the backbone of a cleaner future transport system’, which the government announced in the Williams-Shapps Plan for Rail.

SRS aims to provide the first industry-wide approach to environmental and social topics. Its creation is being facilitated by RSSB in partnership with the industry and overseen by the Department for Transport.

RSSB said the prototype is a ‘vital stepping stone’ towards the definitive strategy, setting out clear strategic sustainability guidance and a framework for industry-wide alignment, and showing where action is required to deliver on policy and meet the expectations of society.

RSSB’s consultation on behalf of the Sustainable Rail Executive is open until July 15, with feedback sought from industry and sustainability specialists on the priorities, implementation and effectiveness.

The finalised SRS is expected to be published later this year, and will form a key input into Great British Railways Whole Industry Strategic Plan.