CrossCountry 170 Peterborough 1

UK: Porterbrook Leasing has awarded Tidyco a contract to overhaul and refurbish 444 cab and saloon heating, ventilation and air-conditioning modules from ADtranz/Bombardier Class 170 Turbostar diesel multiple-units operated by East Midlands Railway and CrossCountry.

Porterbrook and Tidyco have worked together to develop a bespoke overhaul programme, including component replacement, fan overhauls and thorough testing.

The project is expected to take 2½ years.

‘Tidyco has put a tremendous amount of effort into establishing itself as a key player in the rail overhaul sector and Porterbrook’s decision to engage Tidyco is a testament to that’, said the hydraulic and pneumatic products company’s Rail Division Director Paul Jacks on May 13.

Guy Heywood, Head of Procurement at Porterbrook, said ‘part of the appeal of working with Tidyco was its flexibility and adaptiveness. We saw how they could help us, and both companies being based in Derby meant that problems were easier to address, and processes could be streamlined quickly and efficiently.’