Alstom Foundation and Instituto Jô Clemente (IJC) launch project that uses Virtual Reality to promote mobility and social inclusion of people with disabilities

BRAZIL: The Alstom Foundation and Instituto Jô Clemente have launched a Virtual Reality for Inclusion initiative which aims to help people with disabilities overcome accessibility obstacles and use urban public transport safely.

This will include people with cognitive disabilities, rare diseases and autistic spectrum disorders.

Simulated scenarios developed with the Interdisciplinary Centre for Interactive Technologies at the University of São Paulo will help participants practice navigating environments that may be challenging to them, in order to increase resilience and self-confidence.

This will include becoming familiar with different rail routes, and boarding and alighting vehicles.

‘Access to mobility is one of the four axes of work addressed by the Alstom Foundation’, said Alstom Foundation General Secretary Anne-Cécile Barbier on May 6. ‘Supporting this project is a source of pride, as in addition to meeting this purpose, it is also aligned with one of Alstom’s values, which is inclusion.’