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Vogelsang is a leading provider of wastewater management systems for passenger trains. In fact, we are the main supplier for Deutsche Bahn, the number 1 local and national train service in Germany.

Vogelsang offers a wide range of solutions to provide the optimal configuration for your project, from the smallest system to the largest train treatment facility.

  • Network systems
  • Stand-alone systems
  • Mobile units
  • Interior cleaning supply units
  • Service automation and remote monitoring

Vogelsang’s supply and disposal concepts are configured to meet your requirements. We consider all factors such as toilet technology, hygiene needs, typical weather conditions, and automation requirements. We handle all planning and construction of the train wastewater removal installation, collaborating closely with your plant construction partner.

The heart of every system is the Vogelsang rotary lobe pump: long-lasting and sophisticated technology that ensures trouble-free operation. It can be operated automatically and combined with alarm, control and service systems such as cleaning cabinets that are fully equipped with rinsing solutions and VEBSys, which remotely monitors, eg depot equipment or point heating.