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Vossloh is a globally active, listed technology company with a core focus on rail infrastructure: We provide an integrated offer for rail transportation, all from a single source. This includes unique, high-performance key products and complex systems such as track fastening systems, concrete ties, switch systems and the innovative services associated with the life cycle of rail tracks.

Decades of expertise make Vossloh a leading supplier for the construction and maintenance of the rail infrastructure. Vossloh is one of the market leaders in track fasteners and switch systems as well as North America’s leading manufacturer of concrete ties. When it comes to preventive rail maintenance, Vossloh has a high-speed grinding technology that’s unique the world over.

Our customers are generally public and private railway companies, network operators as well as regional and municipal transport companies. They expect safe, economical, environmentally friendly and above all tried and tested products and services from one source, and are oriented towards the tried and tested: references, which Vossloh can prove for all applications worldwide – from heavy load to urban networks to high-speed lines.

In order to appear uniform and compact, Vossloh is run as an integrated Group. The divisions work closely together on the market under the operational management of Vossloh AG. For our customers this means: suitable products, systems and services from one source.

Rail Fastening Systems – Our rail fastening systems offer flexibility in the superstructures of rail infrastructure. Alongside customized solutions for diverse fields of application, customer requirements and climate zones, we also organize the development of technical standards.

Turnout Systems – Vossloh, a worldwide leading provider of turnout technology, offers solutions for all rail networks in order to ensure economical, safe and environmentally friendly transport of passengers and goods.

Signalling products – The safety products include switch drives, which are suitable for conventional tracks, urban transport systems, and high-speed and heavy load transport.

Signalling and rail monitoring systems – In the signalling systems area, Vossloh provides EDV supported relay interlocking systems, remote actuation and monitoring systems and diversion controls for heavy-load networks.

Rail and turnout maintenance – Our service portfolio for maintenance and preventive care offers coordinated and optimized use for all rail types. We ensure value maintenance and safety on modern railways through innovative grinding processes and milling technology.

Easy Track Supply – Vossloh ensures coordinated just-in-time delivery of long rails and switch systems to the track construction site. The logistics portfolio is topped off with stationary and mobile welding services of the highest quality.

Concrete crossing panels – A complete full-width / full-depth concrete grade crossing system for the railroad industry.

Concrete Ties – A comprehensive range of pre-stressed concrete railroad ties and turnout ties is manufactured according to customer specifications.

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