Cluj-Napoca light metro

ROMANIA:  A consortium of Gülermak, Alstom and Arcada has been selected as the winner of a 9bn lei contract to build Cluj-Napoca’s first light metro line.

The 21 km line with 19 stations is to run fully underground, with the depot on the surface.

Cluj-Napoca city council commissioned studies for the metro and a suburban rail network in April 2020. The project is being jointly funded by the government, the EU’s Recovery & Resilience Fund and the municipality.

Phase one will start at Sfânta Maria in the densely populated Mănăștur direct in the west of the city and run 7·5 km through the city centre, Gheorgheni and Sopor to Europa Unită, with 10 stations. The depot connection will take the first phase to 9·2 km. The EU funding contribution requires completion by August 2026.

The second phase would run 8·8 km west from Sfânta Maria to Țara Moților with seven stations, serving the new Florești residential area, a future hospital and planned development areas, with 3 km three-station branch running northeast from Piața Mărăști to the Bulevardul Muncii industrial area.

This is to be completed by February 2031. The light metro line is designed to have a capacity of 15 200 to 21 600 passengers/ direction/h, with trains running every 90 sec.