Urban transport news from China

  • Qingdao (Photo: Xia Xue/Pixabay)

    Second undersea metro tunnel opened


    CHINA: A 4 km undersea tunnel has been opened as part of the 38·3 km southern extension of Qingdao metro Line 1 from Qingdao Bei Railway Station to Wangjiagang which was inaugurated on December 30.

  • tn_cn-beijing-metro-station_04.jpg

    Three new lines opened as Beijing metro expands again


    CHINA: The opening of three new metro lines and six extensions in Beijing has increased the capital’s urban rail network to a total length of 783 route-km.

  • cn-shanghai-line14-Lujiazui

    Shanghai metro passes 800 km as another driverless line opens


    CHINA: The total length of the Shanghai urban rail network reached 831 route-km with the inauguration of the city’s fifth fully-automated metro line on December 30.

  • cn-Ningbo-TB_05

    China opens 211 km of urban rail routes in a single day


    CHINA: Seven Chinese cities opened new metro lines, suburban railways or route extensions on December 28, totalling almost 211 km and adding 107 stations.

  • cn-Luoyang-Line2-TB_01

    Luoyang opens second metro line


    CHINA: A north-south metro line was opened for revenue service in the Henan provincial city of Luoyang on December 26.

  • cn-Wuhan-Line-5-TB_01

    Wuhan goes driverless as three more metro lines open


    CHINA: Wuhan’s third driverless metro line was one of three expansion projects totalling 73 route-km to be inaugurated in the Hubei provincial capital on December 26, taking the city’s operational network to 435 km and 282 stations.

  • cn-Nanchang-Line4-TB_06

    Nanchang metro passes 100 km mark


    CHINA: The inauguration of Nanchang’s fourth line on December 26 has taken the metro network in the Jiangxi provincial capital to a total of 128·6 route-km.

  • Shenzen_APM

    Peoplemover opens at Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport


    CHINA: A 2·6 km automated peoplemover has been opened to serve a new airside satellite hall at Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport.

  • cn-Hefei-Line4-TB_01

    Hefei opens fifth metro line


     CHINA: Hefei Metro Line 4 was opened for revenue service on opened on December 26, being one of six new routes inaugurated that day.

  • Nanning_01

    Nanning opens driverless Line 5


    CHINA: Nanning’s fifth metro line was opened for revenue service on December 16.

  • Wuxi_04

    Wuxi opens fourth metro line


    CHINA: Wuxi metro Line 4 was opened for revenue service on December 17, following a formal inauguration by the city’s Mayor, Du Xiaogang, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee.

  • Extensions have opened at each of Harbin’s orbital metro Line 3.

    Harbin’s circular metro line extended


    CHINA: Extensions have opened at each end of Harbin’s orbital metro Line 3.

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