cn Ningbo Line 3 extension (2)

CHINA:·The second phase of the Yinfeng Line elevated suburban route, which forms a southern extension of Ningbo metro Line 3, was opened by the city’s Mayor Qiu Dongyao on September 27.

cn Ningbo Line 3 extension (1)

Line 3 has been developed in three phases, with the first 16·7 km from Datong Bridge to Gaotang Bridge with 15 stations opening in June 2019 as an underground metro.

cn Ningbo Line 3 extension (3)

A 5·6 km suburban extension from Gaotang Bridge to Minghui Road was opened in September 2019. Known as the Yinfeng Line, this is mostly built on an elevated alignment suitable for 120 km/h operation.

The line has now been extended south by a further a further 15·9 km to Jinhai Road, adding six stations.

Services are operated by Ningbo Rail Transit using six-car Type B trainsets, with through running between the suburban and metro sections of the route.