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  • Guiyang metro
    Metro Report International

    Second metro line opens in Guiyang


    CHINA: The second metro line in Guiyang was opened for revenue service on April 28. The 40·6 km Line 2 runs from North Baiyun Road to the north of the city to Longdongbao International Airport to Zhongxing Road in the southeast, interchanging with the west-south ...

  • Luoyang has become the second city in Henan province with a metro, following the opening of the east–west Line 1.
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    First metro line opens in Luoyang


    CHINA: Luoyang has become the second city in Henan province with a metro, following the opening of the east–west Line 1. The line was formally opened on March 28, with passenger services starting the following day. The line runs 25·3 km from Yangwan to ...

  • Shijiazhuang_03
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    Shijiazhuang metro Line 3 extension opens


    CHINA: A 14·9 km eastern extension of Shijiazhuang metro Line 3 opened on April 6, taking the line to 27 km with 22 stations and an end-to-end journey time of 47 min. Line 3 has been built by China Railway Construction Investment Development ...

  • casco lab

    Intelligent train control R&D lab opens


    CHINA: A Railway Intelligent Train Control Laboratory has been opened by CASCO and Shaanxi Railway Logistics Industry Group, with the aim of creating a ‘domestic first-class and international leading’ research facility based on co-operation between government, industry and academia. Based in the Xi-Xian ...

  • Guangzhou Line 18 trainset
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    Guangzhou Metro trials high speed running on Line 18


    CHINA: Guangzhou Metro and CRRC Zhuzhou have been undertaking test running at speeds of up to 176 km/h on Line 18, which has been designed and built for 160 km/h operation. The 60∙4 km line from Xiancun to Wanqingsha is scheduled to open this year, ...

  • CRRC Sifang supplied six-car Type B2 trainsets which have a maximum capacity of 1 948 passengers and make use of lightweight materials to be 4·5 tonnes lighter than older designs.
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    Third metro line opens in Jinan


    CHINA: Jinan’s east–west metro Line 2 linking Wangfuzhuang and Pengjiazhuang was opened for revenue service on March 26. The line is 36·4 km long, with 34·5 km in tunnel and 1·9 km elevated it serves 20 stations, of which 19 are underground. Line 2 is ...

  • Shijiazhuang Metro Line 3 CRRC train
    Metro Report International

    Shijiazhuang metro Line 3 trains delivered


    CHINA: CRRC has completed delivery of 27 locally-built Type A trainsets for Shijiazhuang metro Line 3. The trainsets have four motor cars and two trailer cars, with a maximum operating speed of 80 km/h and a capacity of 2 520 passengers. The air-conditioning is designed ...

  • cn-Nanhu-tram-CRRC-unveiling
    Metro Report International

    Jiaxing catenary-free tram unveiled


    CHINA The first of 20 low-floor trams being built by CRRC Changchun for the light rail network now under construction in Jiaxing was formally unveiled in the city on March 17.

  • cn Taiyuan chasecaicai13 from Pixabay
    Metro Report International

    China: Metro openings hit record high


    Almost 700 km of new metro and tram lines and extensions were opened in 15 Chinese cities during the closing weeks of 2020 as 29 separate projects came to fruition. Toma Bačić investigates.

  • Xulian_01

    Lianyungang – Ürümqi high speed corridor completed


    CHINA: The 185 km Xulian high speed line between Lianyungang and Xuzhou in eastern China was opened for revenue service on February 8. This completes the 3 422 km Lianyungang – Ürümqi corridor, which is the longest east-west route within the ‘eight vertical and eight ...

  • Shenyang_03
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    Shenyang tramway extended


    CHINA: A 5·2 km extension of Shenyang tram Route 5 from Xuantujun Heritage Park to Lishizhai with four stops opened on February 3. Construction of the extension was launched in October 2019. A year later CRRC supplied the first of five three-section 70% low-floor bidirectional trams ...

  • hk-mtr-east-rail-R-train-lo-wu-RE2303
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    New trains enter service as MTR commissions East Rail resignalling


    CHINA: The first of 43 nine-car EMUs being built for MTR Corp by Hyundai Rotem finally entered service on Hong Kong’s East Rail Line between Hung Hom, Lo Wu and Lok Ma Chau on February 6.

  • Chengde high speed line opening

    Beijing – Chengde opening completes Beijing – Harbin high speed rail corridor


    CHINA: The 192 km Beijing Chaoyang –- Chengde high speed line opened on January 22, completing the 1 198 km Beijing – Shenyang – Harbin corridor. There are initially 12 trains a day each way on the latest section, operated by CR400BF-G trainsets running at 300 ...

  • Shanghai_DRT_01
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    Rubber-tyred ‘intelligent digital-rail transport system’ launched


    CHINA: An ‘intelligent digital-rail transport system’ has begun trial operations in the Lingang New Area of Shanghai. The 21·7 km demonstration Line T1 links Dishui station on metro Line 16 to Nicheng, with nine stops. It is expected to be fully operational by June. The ...

  • Coal exported from Russian to China in containers

    Containerising coal simplifies the break of gauge


    ASIA: Russian Railways has begun the regular export of containerised coal from Krasnokamensk and Priargunsk to China through the Zabaikalsk border crossing, with the use of 20 ft open-top containers simplifying transhipment at the break of gauge. Each 20 ft container can hold 34 tonnes ...

  • CRRC Datong fuel cell battery hybrid loco

    Fuel cell-battery hybrid locomotive unveiled


    CHINA: CRRC Datong has rolled out a hydrogen fuel cell and lithium battery powered hybrid locomotive. The modular design is intended for shunting, underground and industrial applications, and offers the flexibility to produce a locomotive meeting different customer requirements. The loco unveiled at the ...

  • cn-Shanghai-Line15-train-tunnel
    Metro Report International

    Line 15 opening gives Shanghai the world’s largest metro


    CHINA: Shanghai’s position as operator the world’s largest metro network was confirmed on January 23, with the opening of the driverless north-south Line 15.

  • CRRC Zhuzhou has delivered the first of 15 trams for the tramway which is under construction in the city of Wenshan in in the southeast of Yunnan province.
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    Wenshan tram delivered


    CHINA: CRRC Zhuzhou has delivered the first of 15 trams for the tramway which is under construction in the city of Wenshan in the southeast of Yunnan province. The 100% low-floor four-section tram has 72 seats and a total capacity of ...

  • JPR-23-12-2020-2
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    QR code ticketing to go live in Hong Kong


    CHINA: MTR Corp and electronic wallet company AlipayHK are to launch QR code payment on Hong Kong’s rail network on January 23. Passengers will be able to tap the entry/exit gates with a QR Code Ticket generated by an MTR Mobile or EasyGo app linked to ...

  • cn-crrc-crh400AF-G-cold-weather-hst

    Low-temperature Fuxing high speed train to serve Harbin


    CHINA: A winterised variant of the Fuxing China Standard high speed train family has been developed for use on 350 km/h services linking Beijing with Shenyang and Harbin in the northern province of Heilongjiang. The southernmost section of the 698·3 km Beijing – Shenyang Passenger-Dedicated ...