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  • Afghanistan China corridor agreement

    Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and China to trial multimodal freight corridor


    ASIA: Representatives of the railways of Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and China have agreed to trial a rail and road ‘economic corridor’ linking the four countries. An agreement for the three-month trial was signed on September 9 at the end of a two-day meeting in Toshkent. Containerised ...

  • Changsha-Yiyang_01

    Changsha – Yiyang high speed line opened


    CHINA: The 64·2 km Changsha – Yiyang section of the Chongqing – Xiamen high speed line opened on September 6. Construction began in December 2017. Known as the Changyi section, the 350 km/h alignment includes three stations at Changsha Xi, Ningxiang Xi and Yiyang Nan. The ...

  • Jinua Jinyi Line (6)

    Jinhua’s Jinyi Line suburban railway opens


    CHINA: The first suburban railway in the city of Jinhua in Zhejiang province opened on August 30. The 58·4 km Jinyi Line starts at Jinhua’s Xi (west) station and runs south in tunnel to the city centre before turning east on an ...

  • First phase of Fuzhou metro Line 6 opens
    Metro Report International

    First phase of Fuzhou metro Line 6 opens


    CHINA: The first phase of Fuzhou metro Line 6 opened on August 28, running 31·3 km from Pandun to Wanshou with 16 stations. This includes the 6·8 km Doqingzhou Bridge over the River Min, which has metro tracks on the lower deck and a six-lane road ...

  • Train in Uzbekistan

    Six policy reforms to strengthen railways in Central Asia


    ASIA: An Asian Development Bank assessment of the state of railways in the 11 countries of the Central Asia Regional Economic Co-operation Programme has set out six reforms that ADB believes are needed to make rail more efficient and financially sustainable. The CAREC area covers Afghanistan, ...

  • cn-xingguo-maglev-1
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    Suspended maglev on test in Jiangxi


     CHINA: Test running has started on an experimental suspended maglev in southern China, following the formal completion of an 800 m test track on August 9.

  • Fenghuang maglev (4)

    Phoenix-inspired maglev line opens to serve ancient town


    CHINA: A maglev line has opened to provide a scenic connection to the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative Listed Fenghuang Ancient Town, which attracts 30 000 visitors a day. The maglev runs for 9·1 km between the old town and Fenghuang station on the Zhangjiajie – Jishou ...

  • Chongqing_01

    Dual-voltage suburban line opened in Chongqing


    CHINA: The Jiangtiao suburban line in Chongqing has opened, linking Tiaodeng with Shengquansi. An unusual feature of the line is dual voltage electrification, with the northern section from Tiaodeng to Shilinsi and the Zhongliangshan tunnel electrified at 1·5 kV DC and the rest of the route ...

  • MTR Corp HKSTP
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    ‘Living lab’ to help develop transport technology


    CHINA: MTR Corp and Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corp have agreed a three-year collaboration framework which aims to enhance the transport operator’s services and customer experience and promote an open innovation and technology ecosystem by making use of innovative technologies and data and through ...

  • The Dali to Baoshan railway passes through the Hengduan mountains with 21 tunnels which have a combined length of 116 km  (Photo: 瑞丽江的河水, CC BY-SA 4.0)

    China opens first section of railway to Myanmar


    CHINA: The first phase of a 330 km line linking Dali with Ruili on the border with Myanmar has opened. The section opened on July 22 runs 133 km from Dali to Baoshan in Yunnan Province. It passes through the Hengduan mountains, with 34 bridges and ...

  • Macau light metro
    Metro Report International

    Macau – Hengqin metro tunnelling begins


    CHINA: Tunnelling has begun for a light metro line connecting the Macau Special Administrative Region with Zhuhai’s Hengqin Port across the Shizimen canal. Being built at an overall cost of US$437m, Macao Light Rail Transit’s Hengqin Line will run for 2·2 km from an interchange with ...

  • Kunming_01
    Metro Report International

    Kunming metro Line 5 opens with tunnel wall advertising


    CHINA: Kunming metro Line 5 opened on June 29, 10 years and one day after the first metro route in the city. Line 5 starts at World Horti-Expo Garden in the northeast and runs 26·5 km through the city centre to Baofeng in the south, with ...

  • Zhengzhou_01
    Metro Report International

    Chengjiao Line extended in Zhengzhou


    CHINA: The second phase of Zhengzhou’s Chengjiao Line opened on June 20, running 9 km underground from Xinzheng International Airport to Zhengzhou Hangkonggang railway station. The metro extension adds three new stations, with another to follow when the airport’s Terminal 3 is ...

  • Chinese high speed rail staff

    Two more Chinese high speed routes opened


    CHINA: The 424 km Xiangyang – Wanzhou section of the Chongqing – Zhengzhou high speed rail corridor and the 195 km Zhengzhou – Puyang section of the Zhengzhou – Jinan route opened on June 20, and on the same date Beijing Fengtai station reopened following a ...

  • Changsha_02
    Metro Report International

    Changsha metro Line 6 opens


    CHINA: Changsha’s east-west metro Line 6 was opened on June 28, running 48·1 km from Huanghua Airport to Xiejiaqiao with 34 stations including seven interchanges. Construction of Line 6 began in December 2016, and the opening takes the metro to 190·7 km ...

  • MTR Corp and Hong Kong Cyberport Management Co Ltd have signed a memorandum of understanding for a two-year collaboration to invest in digital technology start-ups.
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    MTR Corp to invest in start-ups


    CHINA: MTR Corp and Hong Kong Cyberport Management Co Ltd have signed a memorandum of understanding for a two-year collaboration to invest in digital technology start-ups. The MTR Lab and Cyberport Macro Fund will select start-ups from Cyberport’s ecosystem that have potential and suit MTR’s rail ...

  • The second phase of Chongqing Rail Transit’s Line 4 opened from Tangjiatuo to Huangling on June 18
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    Chongqing Line 4 extended northeast


    CHINA: The second phase of Chongqing Rail Transit’s Line 4 opened from Tangjiatuo to Huangling on June 18, adding 32·6 route-km and 15 stations. Construction began on January 25 2019, and local media reports suggest the project set a new record for speed of construction in ...

  • Hotan - Ruoqiang railway

    Hotan – Ruoqiang opening completes Taklimakan desert loop


    CHINA: The 825 km Hotan – Ruoqiang line in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region opened on June 16. In conjunction with other lines, this completes a 2 769 km railway ring around the Taklimakan desert. Construction of the non-electrified single-track railway between Hotan and Ruoqiang began ...

  • Operator and university to collaborate on railway technology
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    Operator and university to collaborate on railway technology


    CHINA: MTR Corp, MTR Academy and Hong Kong Polytechnic University have signed a memorandum of understanding to explore innovative railway technologies including smart asset and operations management and intelligent maintenance. The three-year partnership aims to bring together the railway expertise of MTR Corp and MTRA with ...

  • Hangzhou metro station
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    Hangzhou metro expands


    CHINA: Two extensions of Hangzhou metro Line 3 have opened, taking the city’s network to more than 450 km, with further expansion to 500 km planned. The extensions opened on June 10 run 22·4 km from Chaowang Road to West Wenyi Road ...