Organisation: Dutch Railways (NS)
Location: Utrecht, the Netherlands
Deadline: 26 August 2022



Between 2023 and 2026, NS will withdraw around 275 passenger coaches of type ICR from service. These carriages will then become available for sale.

Key facts

  • Manufacturer: Talbot, Aachen (Germany)
  • Five carriage types and one type of driving trailer
  • Years of construction: 1981-1988
  • Most recent overhaul in 2017, regular maintenance (including bogies) still ongoing
  • Currently homologated for the Netherlands and partly for Belgium
  • Maximum speed 160 km/h
  • Static converter equipped for 1500V DC, 3000V DC, 1000V AC 16,7 Hz AC, 1500V 50 Hz AC
  • Brake type disk brakes (<R> O-R-A (D)) with additional wheel brakes with L blocks
  • NBA Emergency Brake Override function
  • Equipped for TB0 and, when operated in fixed formations, FMZ door control
  • Driving trailer configured for operation with Alstom Class 1700 locomotives

General conditions of sale

  • Coaches will be sold in batches of around 75 vehicles per transaction between 2023 and 2026
  • The new owner shall use the coaches for railway operations, not for other purposes
  • The new owner must become or assign a new Vehicle Keeper, Entity in Charge of Maintenance and Type Authorisation Holder
  • All NS signage must be removed immediately after the sale has been concluded
  • Not later than 3 months after the sale, the livery must be modified in such a way that the vehicles cannot be associated to NS any more
  • NS may reserve the right to select the preferred buyer

To express interest or request more information

Please contact Albert Koch, fleetmanager: albert.koch@ns.nl

For the first batch: please react before August 26

For the following batches: please react before September 30

NS Reizigers B.V.
NO Asset Strategy Department
P.O. Box 2025
NL-3500 HA
Utrecht – The Netherlands