Organisation: Northern Trains
Location: UK
Deadline: 23 January 2023


Northern Trains Limited (“Northern”) is reviewing its requirements and strategy for the procurement of new rolling stock, with associated maintenance, servicing and related financing options.

To help inform technical, financial, procurement and contracting strategies, and to understand potential suppliers’ capability and capacity, Northern is conducting a Market Engagement exercise with a view to formalising its requirements through the publication of Contract Notice and subsequent commencement of a Tender exercise under the Utilities Contract Regulations 2016 (“the Regulations”).

As the first step in this exciting opportunity, Northern intends to host a presentation to all interested train manufacturing and financing organisations via Microsoft Teams in early 2023.

Following the ‘all parties’ presentation, Northern will engage with any party expressing an interest in further participation in the Market Engagement exercise in a 1:1 process, taking the form of a written questionnaire, followed by Teams sessions reviewing questionnaire responses, and discussing potential inputs to Northern’s strategy.

This Market Engagement exercise is entirely independent of any procurement exercise that may or may not be undertaken by Northern, and participation will not influence the outcome of any procurement activity.

Questionnaires and discussions will be ‘in confidence’, however pertinent information may be anonymised to feed into any future procurement exercise if appropriate.

If you are interested in participating in this Market Engagement opportunity, please confirm names, organisational position/role, and email addresses of up to four participants no later than 23 January 2023 by email to - please use ‘Rolling Stock Market Engagement Exercise’ in the subject field of your email response.

The presentation session will likely be late January/early February 2023; specific date and time will be confirmed by email as soon as possible to those expressing interest in participation.

The above email address should be used if you have any questions relating to this event; please do not contact any member of Northern’s team or advisors direct as they will not be able to engage in any discussions on this opportunity.

We look forward to seeing you early in 2023.

Neil Bowen

Head of Procurement