Organisation: NTA – Metropolitan Mass 
Location: Israel


Public Tender No. 478/2021

Invitation for Pre-Qualification in Relation to the Participation in a Tender for the Design and Management of (each of) the TEL AVIV METROPOLITAN METRO lines

 NTA - Metropolitan Mass Transit System Ltd. (“NTA”) is an Israeli government owned company tasked with the development of the mass transit system in the Tel Aviv metropolitan area, which includes, inter alia, a metro network, comprising three (3) mostly underground metro lines (the “Programme” and the “Metro Line Projects” respectively).

Capitalized terms used herein shall have the meanings ascribed thereto in the Invitation for Pre-Qualification.

1. NTA, in accordance with its obligations under the Israeli Mandatory Tenders Law, 5752-1992, the Mandatory Tenders Regulations, 5753-1993 and further implementing regulations promulgated thereunder, hereby invites entities and consortia from the private sector in Israel and abroad, to participate in a Pre-Qualification Process, as the first stage of the selection process of three (3) consortiums, which will be responsible each, for the design and management of one of the Metro Line Projects comprising part of the Programme (“Line Managers”).

2. The purpose of the Pre-Qualification Process is to identify Eligible Participants, who will be invited to participate in the Tender Process for the selection and appointment of a Line Manager for each of the Metro Line Projects.

3. Pre-Qualification Requirements – The Participants shall be required to demonstrate compliance with the Professional Pre-Qualification Requirements, Financial Pre-Qualification Requirements and other requirements, all as detailed in the Invitation for Pre-Qualification.

4. The Invitation for Pre-Qualification and any updates thereto shall be available for online review and download from NTA’s website at ww.nta.co.il (“NTA’s Website”) under the “Tenders” tab, for no charge.

5. Any questions or requests for clarifications shall be addressed in writing only to the Tender’s Mailbox: : Metro-LM@nta.co.il by no later 15 October, 2021.

6. Submission Date – the date for the submission of the Pre-Qualification Submissions is 15 December 2021, by no later than 14:00 (Israel standard time).

7. This notice contains general and preliminary information only. Participants are required to comply with all the provisions of the Invitation for Pre-Qualification, in their entirety.