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Organisation: Israel Railways ltd
Location: Israel
Deadline: 15 March 2022

Israel Railways ltd. (“ISR”) is requesting information regarding a sale of IC3 sets (“the sets”).

Guiding Lines

1. This RFI shall not be considered as a tender.

2. ISR is free to take whatever action it may consider upon receiving addresses from prospects following this RFI and will not be obliged to negotiate and/or sell and/or publish a tender regarding the sets.

3. ISR may use any information received following this RFI in any way it might find useful.

4. ISR may address one or more prospects that will submit information regarding the sets following this RFI.

5. This RFI shall not be considered as a declaration of any kind as to the technical situation of the sets.

Details about the sets

1. Nine sets are available for sale. Additional 26 sets are expected to become available for sale by the end of 2022 or in 2023.

2. The sets are operative and may be considered for further examination in its current situation – AS IS.

3. The sets are available for observation.


Prospects who are interested in the sets may address the undersigned via e-mail – until 15 March 2022.