gb Cambridge South Station location

UK: Network Rail has identified a preferred location for the proposed Cambridge South station serving the Cambridge Biomedical Campus.

Three locations between Addenbrooke’s Bridge and Nine Wells Bridge were the subject of public consultation, with the preferred choice being Option 1 (northern), adjacent to the guided busway.

gb Cambridge South station location options

Network Rail will now undertake further development work with stakeholders including the Department for Transport, Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority, the Greater Cambridge Partnership and AstraZeneca Ltd.

A second round of public consultation is planned later this year, to seek feedback on the architectural form and the operational scheme, as well as construction routes and diversions and the preliminary environmental impacts.

An application for a Transport & Works Act Order is expected to be submitted in 2021, with a view to starting construction in 2023; this would see the station opening in 2025.