UK: Independent testing has been undertaken to measure the reduction in emissions which can obtained by fitting a diesel shunting locomotive with Advanced Hydrogen Technologies Group’s Engine Carbon Clean & Capture technology.

AHT worked with Harry Needle Railroad Co, which owns the 1950s designed Class 08 locomotive, and independent testing specialist Atmo to undertake two weeks of emissions tests at the Very Light Rail National Innovation Centre in Dudley.

The Engine Carbon Clean & Capture process has two parts. In the first, a hydrogen generator converts water into hydrogen and oxygen, which is drawn into the engine to remove residual carbon build-up and make the engine run cleaner. In the second stage, a capture device reduces exhaust emissions and particulates.

AHT HNRC Generator 1

AHT CEO Ben Kattenhorn said benefits include ’restoring engine efficiency and power, lowering maintenance costs, extending the lifespan of assets and aligning with the new ESG requirements of the International Financial Reporting Standards mandate’.

The modular design is scalable for main line as well as shunting operations.

HNRC is now considering the use of the technology on its loco fleet.

‘Access to both AHT’s specialist technology and BCIMO’s outstanding testing facilities has given us the data and backing we need to have a proven business investment case for upgrading our locomotives’, said the company’s Marcus Mayers.

Emissions reduction in detail
Carbon monoxide 27%
Carbon dioxide 8%
Nitric oxide 22%
Nitrogen dioxide 12%
Formaldehyde 39%
Particulate matter 20%
Fuel consumption 8%
Source: AHT