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    Kazakh railway signs battery and LNG loco MoU


    KAZAKHSTAN: National railway KTZ and Wabtec have signed a memorandum of understanding for the production of 150 FLXdrive battery-electric shunting locomotives and the conversion of main line diesel locos to NextFuel liquid natural gas-power. Wabtec is to undertake the work at the LKZ facility in Nur ...

  • Alstom has signed a contract to provide full-service maintenance for 60 MaK DE6400 diesel locomotives operated by DB Cargo Belgium and DB Cargo Netherlands.

    Alstom awarded 60-loco maintenance contract


    EUROPE: Alstom has signed a contract to provide full-service maintenance for 60 MaK DE6400 diesel locomotives operated by DB Cargo Belgium and DB Cargo Netherlands. Alstom sites in Rotterdam and Brugge will be responsible for preventive and corrective maintenance for an initial term of three years, ...

  • us Chicago Metra F40 battery locomotive image

    Metra awards battery locomotive contract


    USA: Chicago commuter operator Metra has awarded Progress Rail a contract to convert up to six of its oldest diesel locomotives to zero-emission battery power for testing on the Rock Island Line. The base order covers the conversion of three EMD F40PH-3 locomotives over 3½ years, ...

  • Etihad Rail new locomotive fleet offloading

    Locomotives and wagons delivered to Etihad Rail


    UAE: Etihad Rail has begun taking delivery of 38 locomotives and 842 wagons as part of plans to provide a freight capacity of more than 60 million tonnes per year on the future national railway network. The 38 EMD SD70 diesel-electric locomotives are being supplied by Progress ...

  • Railway Support Services reports strong interest in its TP-UK shunting locomotive concept for the UK and European markets
    Rail Business UK

    International interest in shunting locomotive design


    UK: Railway Support Services reports strong interest in its TP-UK shunting locomotive concept for the UK and European markets, following demonstrations with a Canadian-built TP70 FWDX2 locomotive at the Long Marston Rail Innovation Centre. RSS has partnered with North Vancouver based Tractive Power Corp to adapt ...

  • C30-MF locomotive Jakob on its first working day in Finland (Photo: Konsta Kuokka)

    Estonian locomotive approved for operation in Finland


    FINLAND: A C30-MF diesel locomotive produced at Operail’s Tapa workshop in Estonia has been approved for use on the Finnish network. It is to be used for shunting at the port of Kotka, instead of Operail’s Wabtec/Tülomsaş PowerHaul main line freight locomotives. Transport agency Traficom granted ...

  • Cabs for modernised Union Pacific locomotive at Wabtec's Fort Worth plant

    Union Pacific awards $1bn+ loco modernisation contract


    USA: Union Pacific has awarded Wabtec a contract worth more than $1bn for the modernisation of 525 AC4400 and AC6000 and 75 Dash-9 locomotives. This will include the FDL Advantage engine enhancement and Modular Control Architecture. The modernisation aims to extend the life of the locos ...

  • OptiFuel Argentina locomotive diagram cropped

    Gas locomotive collaboration agreement


    ARGENTINA: Ferrocarriles Argentinos Sociedad del Estado and OptiFuel Systems are to plan the repowering of 400 diesel locomotives to run on 100% compressed natural gas and/or renewable natural gas, with the aim of meeting decarbonisation goals. US low-emissions technology company OptiFuel is developing modular kits for ...

  • CD Cargo CZ Loko EffiShunter

    Slovakian EffiShunter contract


    SLOVAKIA: National freight operator ZSSK Cargo has awarded CZ Loko a contract to rebuild 20 Class 742 Bo-Bo diesel-electric locos to the EffiShunter 1000M design, with an option for 20 more. This is CZ Loko’s largest order from Slovakia. The locos will be similar to Class ...

  • Siemens Mobility Charger loco (Photo: Amtrak)

    Amtrak orders 50 locomotives


    USA: Amtrak has placed a firm order for Siemens Mobility to supply a further 50 Charger locomotives. The order announced on June 23 has been placed as an option on a $850m contract awarded in December 2018. This covered an initial 75 locomotives and 20 years ...

  • CAF and Etihad Rail sign passenger train contract

    Etihad Rail awards UAE passenger train contract


    UAE: National railway project promoter Etihad Rail has signed a 1·2bn dirham contract for Spanish company CAF to design, supply and maintain fleet of push-pull passenger trainsets designed to European standards and equipped with ‘the latest cutting-edge technologies’ that suit the UAE’s topography and climate. The ...

  • Commuter rail agencies are being offered flexible options for the lease of ‘like new’ modernised diesel locomotives by Rolling Stock Solutions

    Commuter operators offered flexible diesel locomotive leasing options


    USA: Commuter rail agencies are being offered flexible options for the lease of ‘like new’ modernised diesel locomotives by Rolling Stock Solutions and its strategic partner Alternate Concepts, with backing from private equity investor Adelphi Capital Advisory. RSS has acquired an initial fleet of EMD F40PH ...

  • Railway Support Systems Tractive Power TP70 FWDX2 locomotive (Photo: Jack Boskett)
    Rail Business UK

    Class 08 locomotive replacement concept unveiled


    UK: Railway Support Services has imported a Canadian-built diesel locomotive to demonstrate its plans to produce a replacement for the venerable Class 08 design for main line and industrial shunting and short-distance freight operations. The imported TP70 FWDX2 was produced by Tractive Power in North Vancouver ...

  • FMG locomotive modernised by Wabtec

    US locomotives rebuilt for Australia


    AUSTRALIA: Wabtec is supplying a fleet of modernised diesel locomotives to an Australian customer for the first time, with a contract to rebuild 28 second-hand diesel locomotives for delivery to Fortescue Metals Group over two years. The locos are being rebuilt to the AC44C6M specification at ...

  • Gabon_01

    Locomotives for Gabon under construction


    GABON: CRRC’s Ziyang factory is manufacturing six diesel locomotives which railway concessionaire Sociéte d’Exploitation du Transgabonais will use to haul 10 000 tonne manganese ore trains. The contract signed in early 2022 includes 10 years of maintenance. CRRC has previously delivered 16 ...

  • Class 43 New Measurement Train
    Rail Business UK

    Class 43 ETCS retrofit project makes progress


    UK: Thales and leasing company Porterbrook have announced the successful retrofitting of three Class 43 HST power cars with ETCS onboard equipment complying with UNISIG baseline B3R2. Following successful ETCS Level 2 Testing at Network Rail’s Melton Rail Innovation & Development Centre ...

  • ACD6048 loco Aurizon

    Aurizon bulk freight locos enter service


    AUSTRALIA: Aurizon has taken delivery of the first four of 10 diesel locomotives which UGL’s Newcastle factory is supplying for hauling copper, lead, zinc and grain trains in New South Wales and Western Australia. The first four locos are being used to haul minerals at Cobar ...

  • Metrolink renewable fuel (Photo: Dave Lustig)

    Metrolink switches to renewable fuel


    USA: Southern California commuter rail agency Metrolink says it is the first US operator to switch its entire diesel locomotive fleet to renewable fuel made from recycled natural fats and vegetable oils. The move follows a pilot project launched in early 2021; it aims to reduce ...

  • cn-dalian-FXN3C-0001-on-test-crrc

    CRRC Dalian loco meets Tier 3 standards


    CHINA: CRRC Dalian’s FXN3C main line freight diesel locomotive has passed emissions testing at Turpan in Xinjiang to confirm that it meets the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Tier 3 emission standards. Designed to haul trains of up to 5 000 tonnes, the ...

  • Suzano Wabtec ES44ACi loco

    Brazilian diesel locomotive deliveries


    BRAZIL: Wabtec is to deliver batches of ES44ACi diesel heavy freight locomotives to Rumo, Suzano and MRS in late March and early April. Rumo has ordered five of the locos, Suzano has ordered 17 which will be operated by Rumo, and MRS has ordered three. ...