UK: CrossCountry has rolled out ITAL’s Revenue Protection platform, following trials with a prototype and testing by selected ticket inspectors.

A digital daily duty monitor captures activities throughout a inspector’s shift and automatically produces a detailed report, removing the need for manual data entry and analysis. Unpaid fare notices are completed on the app, reducing the risk of manual errors that can compromise prosecutions.

‘Online ticketing has left our services open to new ways of payment avoidance’, said Rachel Blackman, Interim Revenue Protection Manager at CrossCountry. ’This new platform will reset the balance and empower our inspectors with the tools to carry out their work more efficiently.’

Sarah Robinson, Head of Operations at ITAL, said ’we are working closely with CrossCountry to improve how the platform operates and increase its value to the business, for example promoting more strategic deployment of inspectors based on up-to-date travel patterns. The Revenue Protection platform is a complete service to empower the rail industry with the tools to stop fare-dodgers taking value away from others.’