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    Rail Business UK

    Orange rail tickets get greener


    UK: Magnetic stripe ticket manufacturer Paragon ID says it has reduced the environmental impact of production by 87% by switching from a solvent-based process to a water-based one. This follows a two-year project in partnership with the Rail Delivery Group and investment of £230 000. A ...

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    Metro Report International

    Passenger trust, digital expectations and changing travel patterns will drive transport innovation in 2023


    Making accurate predictions in an increasingly unpredictable world can be a fool’s errand, but Galen Chui, Senior Vice-President of Engineering & Products at Cubic Transportation Systems, looks at the trends that will shape public transport in the coming year.

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    Rail Business UK

    Penalty fares increase substantially


    UK: Penalty fares in England and Wales have been increased to a £100 surcharge plus the price of a full single fare for the passenger’s journey on that train. The penalty is reduced to £50 if paid within 21 days. People who fail to pay the ...

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    Metro Report International

    Philadelphia launches mobile ticketing for up to five people


    USA: Philadelphia transport operator SEPTA has launched a mobile ticketing pilot programme, offering families and occasional travellers the ability to purchase a QR code ticket for up to five people travelling together using its smartphone app. Key Tix is not intended to replace SEPTA’s Key Cards, but ...

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    Kontron acquires Kapsch TrafficCom transport business


    SPAIN: Kontron Transportation has completed the acquisition of Kapsch TrafficCom’s ticket vending machine and access control business Arce Mobility Solutions for €7·6m. The deal was announced in August 2022, with Kapsch TrafficCom saying Arce was not seen as a core business, and following regulatory approval completion ...

  • Cable Liner peoplemover in Venice.
    Metro Report International

    Contactless ticketing to be rolled out in Venezia


    ITALY: Venezia transport operator AVM has awarded a contract for the deployment of an EMV contactless payment system covering its network of 149 water buses, speedboats, motorboats and ferries, more than 150 wharfs, 540 buses, 20 guided buses and a peoplemover, which carry up to 120 ...

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    Metro Report International

    Paris ticket machines to be replaced


    FRANCE: Paris transport operator RATP has awarded the Easier subsidiary of Bolloré Group a six-year contract to supply and maintain customised ticket vending machines across its urban rail network. Replacement of the 2 400 ticket machines at RER and metro stations is set to begin in ...

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    Metro Report International

    Monaco’s ‘mobility companion in your pocket’


    MONACO: As part of the principality’s target of reducing light vehicle traffic by 20% by 2030, Flowbird has developed the Monapass app as a ‘one-app, one-account’ platform for travel and ticketing. Monapass supports integrated journey planning including parking, public transport and active travel, account-based ticketing with ...

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    Metro Report International

    Keolis awarded Dijon multimodal transport contract


    FRANCE: Dijon municipality has awarded incumbent Keolis a new contract to operate transport services under the DiviaMobilités brand.

  • Osaka Metro facial recognition ticket gate
    Metro Report International

    Hands-free facial recognition for Osaka Metro wheelchair users


    JAPAN: Osaka Metro is to start verification tests of a ticket gate that has been equipped with facial recognition technology to assist wheelchair users. The equipment being installed at Nagai station on the Midosuji Line is set at the height of a person’s face when they ...

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    Dutch ticketing equipment maintenance contract renewed


    NETHERLANDS: National passenger operator NS has awarded Thales a €120m eight-year contract for maintenance and support of the 1 700 ticket gates, 1 600 validators and 750 ticket vending machines at the country’s 400 stations. The framework agreement announced on November 22 marks the renewal of ...

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    Metro Report International

    External partners join RENFE’s MaaS platform


    SPAIN: The first five external partners have signed up to participate in the Dōcō Mobility-as-a-Service platform being developed by national train operator RENFE Operadora to support multimodal journey planning, booking and payment. Bolt is a taxi and car with driver hire company active in Madrid, Barcelona, ...

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    Metro Report International

    Transport for London to award fare collection operation and expansion contract


    UK: Transport for London has begun procurement for the Project Proteus contract to operate, maintain and expand its fare collection systems, which envisages a number of changes to the business. The contract has an estimated value of £800m over a seven-year term, which will start when ...

  • Puerto Rico Tren Urbano, Universidad station (Photo Puerto Rico Tren Urbano, Universidad station (Photo: Moebiusuibeom-en/CC BY-SA 4.0).jpg)
    Metro Report International

    Cubic to update Puerto Rican transport ticketing


    PUERTO RICO: The Puerto Rico Highways & Transportation Authority has selected Cubic’s Umo platform for the modernisation of fare collection on the San Juan area’s Tren Urbano metro and bus services.

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    Metro Report International

    Bringing Bonn’s transport modes into one app


    GERMANY: The BONNmobil app has been launched to provide a centralised way to book and pay for all modes of public transport in Bonn, including train, bus, rental bikes and e-scooters. ‘Thanks to our technology, passengers can use all connected mobility services with just one registration ...

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    Metro Report International

    RMV launches app as a step to MaaS


    GERMANY: Rhein-Main transport authority RMV which covers the Frankfurt region has launched the RMVgo app developed with Siemens Mobility company Hacon. RMVgo includes a journey planner, ticket purchasing and travel information and modes including taxis and car, scooter and bike sharing. There are options for expansion ...

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    Metro Report International

    National public transport ticketing contract awarded


    NEW ZEALAND: Waka Kotahi New Zealand Transport Agency has awarded Cubic Transportation Systems the National Ticketing Solution contract to supply an account-based ticketing platform for rail, bus and ferry services. Local transport authorities will decide on travel products and fares for their regions and control the ...

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    Rail Business UK

    Long Weekender ticket aims to shift leisure travel to Mondays


    UK: With changing travel patterns meaning Sunday trains are now particularly busy, Great Western Railway has introduced a Long Weekender ticket which allows departure at any time on a Friday or Saturday and return at any time on a Monday, with savings of more than 60% ...

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    In depth

    Technology: Unlocking the next level of MaaS


    Advanced technical functionalities are already available to support a One-Stop-Shop for Mobility as a Service, offering a viable multi-modal alternative to private car use, but greater collaboration and regulatory reform are needed to harness the opportunities.

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    Metro Report International

    MBTA introduces online applications for reduced fare cards


    USA: People with disabilities, including low vision, can now apply online rather than in person for smart cards providing free or reduced fares on Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority services around Boston. The process is available in English, Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese, and is accessible to screen ...