JNA X Box Wagon 1

UK: The first of 50 JNA-X box wagons ordered by leasing company Porterbrook for use by GB Railfreight has been rolled out at Greenbrier Europe’s factory at Arad in Romania.

The order was announced on March 15, and deliveries are planned in two batches in September and October.

JNA X Box Wagon 2

The 60 m3 four-axle box wagon for transporting construction materials has track-friendly bogies and is designed to optimise the tare weight, volume capacity and payload within the shortest length over buffers for the bulk material it will transport.

The box structure is fabricated from high strength steel for structural reliability and longevity over the life of the wagon.

‘This partnership demonstrates Porterbrook’s long-term commitment to investing in rail freight’, said Mark Wyborn, Head of Freight at Porterbrook, on August 25. ‘The successful production of the prototype JNA-X Box Wagon is all-the-more impressive because of the challenges the team has had to overcome, including significant disruption in the supply chain.’

JNA X Box Wagon 3

John Brown, Head of UK Sales at Greenbrier, said the company has worked with Porterbrook and GB Railfreight for more than 15 years, and their ongoing co-operation ‘during these unprecedented times where steel and energy costs have more than doubled’ was ’evidence of our long-term commitment to supply these box wagons to our customers on time’.