Old York Road railway bridge

UK: Old York Road rail-over-road bridge close to Wandsworth Town station in London has been refurbished by Dyer & Butler in partnership with CC Infrastructure, Armadillo Lighting, Cobra Traffic Management, Four Tees, AC Construction and Skill Scaffold.

The corroded steel deck plates, flow forge and four-foot timber walkways have been replaced with glass reinforced plastic panels which are significantly lighter while allowing more sunlight to pass through.

The walls surrounding the underpass were stripped down and jet washed, removing years of pollution and algae, and the panels were painted to smarten the streetscape.

Multi-coloured lighting system has been installed in the underpass for the safety of pedestrians and cyclists at night.

The work was undertaken during two isolated possession slots of 27 h and 52 h.

‘This was a joint project on behalf of the council and Network Rail, refurbishing the underpass area with high political priority’, said Dyer & Butler Site Manager Alexander Glanfield. ‘The drive to a successful delivery of this project was achieved due to great communication, co-ordination, and collaboration from all parties, not just through our suppliers, but from the sponsors and clients.’