Palace of Westminster

UK: ‘It is good to see rail featuring strongly within the political party election manifesto plans this week’, commented Railway Industry Association Chief Executive Darren Caplan on June 14 after the main political parties had published their policy documents.

‘This prominence reflects the importance of UK rail to delivering improvements in economic and productivity growth, which all parties say they are committed to delivering for the good of the country.

‘It is encouraging to see near agreement from the parties on the urgent need for rail reform and a recognition that a long-term pipeline can give certainty to rail suppliers. We also welcome any plans which can improve the oversight and management of major projects.

‘The Railway Industry Association recently published its own RIA Rail Manifesto and we now look forward to holding whoever forms the next government to account on our asks, for that long-term plan, for prompt implementation on rail reform, to accelerate new train orders and low carbon network upgrades, to support a sustainable supply chain, and to leverage private investment.’