Freightliner 66503 with containers

UK: The Rail Freight Group has launched a ‘Delivered by Rail Freight’ campaign emphasising the sector’s critical role in transporting essential goods.

RFG is calling on the next government to make a number of targeted interventions, explaining that funding the electrification of 100 km of connecting links could enable more than 3·2 million freight train-km per year to be switched from diesel to electric traction, cutting carbon emissions significantly.

The campaign is supported by DB Cargo UK, Freightliner and GB Railfreight, the three largest operators, while all RFG members have contributed to the case studies.

‘Rail freight benefits everyone, whether it’s turning on the lights, shopping, or enjoying a glass of wine’, said RFG Director General Maggie Simpson on June 11. ‘The rail freight sector is committed to growth and is investing in facilities, equipment, technology, people and skills. We are calling on the incoming government to match this ambition through interventions that can help rail freight to thrive.’