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Railway Gazette prides itself on authoritative, independent editorial content covering the full spectrum of activity in the global rail industry. Our content is characterised by a reliance on primary sourcing, and a global network of correspondents gives us unparalleled worldwide coverage of more than 140 countries where there are railways.

Our team of editors and journalists deliver a truly holistic picture of what is happening across the railway world. We cover the full breadth of the industry, from the supply chain through to regulators, research bodies and academia, offering bespoke content targeted at the urban rail market as well as a dedicated UK news channel. Our content helps you to take more informed business decisions.

Railway Gazette’s coverage across all formats is shaped by an annual Editorial Planner, which showcases each month a key technological, policy, regulatory or geographical theme that reflects the most important trends in the industry.

We write about railways, not just trains. Our team recognises that the megatrends of sustainability, urbanisation and digitalisation are rapidly reshaping the transport sector. We have the expertise to guide you through the complex interfaces between rail policy and technology, while keeping your company’s experts up to speed with essential domain knowledge and market insights that your competitors won’t have. But more than that, we do what we do because we know that railways really matter – and you do too.

Nick Kingsley, Executive Editor