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Source: Campaign Master (August 2022 - August 2023)



A promotional email or electronic message sent to a database of Railway Gazette Group subscribers.

Specifications: When creating your e-shot, please adhere to the following guidelines for optimal delivery and performance. Ensure that the maximum width does not exceed 700 pixels, and keep the file size below 100K to enhance loading speed. Images and links should be hosted externally by the client to guarantee their activity (avoid relative links). If you use tables, employ ALT tags instead of CSS for accessibility. Note that unsubscribe information and the header for the creative will be provided by us, so there’s no need to include them in the HTML. We strongly recommend avoiding the use of JavaScript, VBScript, forms, frames, ActiveX, animated GIFs, Flash, or embedded videos to maintain compatibility. Lastly, specify the e-shot’s subject line with a maximum of 65 characters, written in lowercase for effective communication.

Lead time: The HTML content and subject line should be sent four working days in advance. An additional four days will be needed for the HTML (creative) design. Advert preview provided prior to delivery. 

Reporting: The count of opens, click count, and the Click-Through Rate (CTR).


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Greenwood Engineering

We have been cooperating with Railway Gazette for the last 10 yeas and always been very satisfied with their prompt, friendly and excellent customer service, creative guidance and beautiful magazine layout. We appreciate the many options available for global advertising and consider Railway Gazette as a great and reliable platform for relevant news updates within the railway industry.

Greenwood Engineering

Institution of Mechanical Engineers

Railway Gazette has provided invaluable support to the marketing of our seminars and conferences over the years and I look forward to working with Amy and the rest of the team going forward for the rest of 2020 and beyond. Working with Amy and Andrew has been a real pleasure - their efficiency and general helpfulness makes my job a lot easier!

Institution of Mechanical Engineers

Nederlandse Spoorwegen

In a sector that is highly volatile, innovating and becoming more international, Railway Gazette remains a reliable and indispensable guiding light.

former Chair of Dutch national operator NS