SOUTH AFRICA: Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa has awarded Siemens a €180m contract to complete the replacement of signalling and train control systems on lines around Johannesburg and Pretoria by 2018.

In 2011 Siemens was awarded an initial €90m contract covering the replacement of around a quarter of the obsolete signalling equipment in Gauteng province, as well as the construction of a control centre to manage the lines from 2018.

The latest contract announced on December 4 covers the rest of the equipment. It will involve the installation of 83 Trackguard Sicas S7 interlockings, Clearguard ACM 200 axle counting systems and a track occupancy detection system.

'The new train protection system not only increases capacity, but also ensures more flexibility, greater safety and fewer delays', said Sami Atiya, CEO of the Siemens Mobility & Logistics Division.