South Africa’s Transnet

AFRICA: A sustainability pledge for African railways targeting a 25% market share, carbon neutrality and support for employee wellbeing has been launched by UIC Africa as part of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change’s Africa Climate week.

Increasing rail’s market share to 25% by 2050 would be achieved by:

  • innovation in processes, services, customer information and reactivity, to provide an ‘accessible, seamlessly connected and effective’ customer experience;
  • accelerating the digital transformation of the value-chain;
  • adopting proactive charging policies to make rail more accessible.

The aim if carbon neutrality for African rail by 2050 is based on:

  • delivering innovation to increase energy efficiency and phase out diesel;
  • prioritising renewable energy sources;
  • working together as a region to share best practice and common solutions;
  • embedding circular economy principles;
  • taking an eco-design approach during the study, design and development project phases of new infrastructure.

Supporting the rail workforce and improve well-being would involve:

  • improving occupational health and safety;
  • providing quality training and skills development and secure working conditions;
  • inclusive workplaces and diversity.

UIC Africa also called for action to bolster the development of African railways and support sustainable mobility in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.