GERMANY: Berlin city transport operator BVG officially unveiled the first pre-series Type IK U-Bahn trainset built by Stadler Pankow on February 3. The contract awarded in July 2012 is Stadler’s first to provide metro trainsets, and the design has been derived from its Tango family of light rail vehicles.

The Type IK is intended to replace the A3L71 fleet on U-Bahn lines U1 to U4. The narrow profile of these lines has traditionally restricted train widths to 2 300 mm, rather than the 2 650 mm on the larger-profile lines U5 to U9. To make the best use of the available space, the Type IK has sides which bulge outwards, providing a maximum width of 2 400 mm and thus providing an extra 100 mm of space inside.

The four-car trainset is 51·64 m long and has longitudinal seating for around 80 passengers, with space for 258 standees at 4/m2. It is fully accessible, with wide gangways throughout, a modern passenger information system, CCTV and low-energy lighting. The maximum speed is 70 km/h

A second pre-series set is scheduled to be delivered within four weeks. The pre-series trainsets will initially be tested on a dedicated track, followed by at least two months of test running on the network but without passengers.

From May the trainsets will enter passenger service for one-year trial period during which they are expected to cover 120 000 km. If the test period is successful, BVG will then award Stadler a firm order to supply a further 34 sets from 2017.