Book review

As one of the most efficient modes of transport, rail has a key role to play in reducing the environmental impact of transport and ensuring a more sustainable future.

Compiled by the Community of European Railway & Infrastructure Companies, this book puts the railways’ envi­ronmental strengths in context, with contributions from over a dozen experts in the environmental field.

The first section gives an overview of different asp­ects of rail’s environmental performance and how it compares to other modes. It looks at the current problems facing transport, the changes taking place in the rail sector, and how specific issues such as local air pollution and noise are being addressed.

The second part examines how policy measures can support rail’s role in a sustainable transport system. It considers how taxes and subsidies can be used to greater effect to encourage changes in travel, whether the external costs of transport can be properly internalised, and uses examples from Switzerland and Sweden to show how policies are being put into practice.

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