Book review

By John Davies et al

Aimed at risk managers in transport and other safety-critical industries, this book uses examples of methodologies from the rail and nuclear sectors to illustrate how companies can monitor their employees' verbal reports and perceptions of risk to prevent accidents in the workplace.

Reporting methods can be designed to combine the accounts and opinions of eyewitnesses with engineering and technical data, allowing organisational and systems failures to be analysed effectively and prevent accidents occurring. The book looks at complex socio-technical failures, stressing the importance of the interaction of subjective human and technical factors.

The authors provide an extensive description of a practical application of the theories in Ciras, a confidential reporting system developed by Human Factor Analysts Ltd for use on Britain's rail network and now used to report safety concerns by 80000 staff across 52 companies. John Davies is a Director of Human Factor Analysts Ltd, and Professor at the Centre for Applied Social Psychology at the University of Strathclyde, where the co-authors are based. 240 pages, paperback. ISBN 0-415-30371-0.

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