Book review

Public transport companies play a major role in shaping the urban environment, but designers must also to bear in mind that investment has a long life cycle.

A sustainable approach to urban development and design is illustrated by this CD of proceedings from the fourth UITP Design Day held in Paris on December 17-18 2008.The papers address such issues as:

  • design choices that contribute to the development of environmentally-friendly and sustainable public transport;
  • network development that respects a city’s heritage;
  • the contribution of design to the development of customer satisfaction and pride.

These issues have a direct impact on the choice of vehicles and infrastructure including stations, bus and light rail shelters, waiting areas, signage and information systems, and disabled accessibility.

Presentations range from the DT5 metro cars for Hamburg to dynamic passenger information in Zürich and station design in Tokyo, choosing the right media for communication, and user perceptions of security in urban public transport.

€50 for UITP members or €100 for non-members. UITP, Rue Sainte Marie 6, B-1080 Brussels, Belgium