Book review

Commissioned from Roland Berger Strategy Consulting by Unife, this second study of the world railway market builds on the work undertaken for the initial review in 2006. It finds that the industry has grown tremendously over the past two years, and that new projects plus the upgrading and expansion of existing railway networks will see robust growth continuing into the future.

The study divides the market into three main areas – transport, which is split into five segments ranging from mainline passenger to metro and light rail; product, which is further split between infrastructure, rolling stock, control and services; and geography, where the global market is broken down into seven regions.

After considering overall industry trends including environmental awareness, liberalisation, urbanisation and moves towards standardisation, the consultants try to assess the overall potential in each region, including the proportion of the market which is 'accessible’ for competitive bidding. After looking at each of the product and transport segments in turn, the report concludes that the railway supply industry will continue to be a major contributor to the global economy, employing upwards of 1·5 million people.

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