Akiem Ostricourt workshop (Photo Jeremie Anne) (6)

FRANCE: Leasing company Akiem has opened a locomotive maintenance and overhaul workshop near the Dourges Delta 3 intermodal logistics terminal in Ostricourt, south of Lille.

Akiem has invested €22m in the site, including a €500 000 contribution from the French government.

Akiem Ostricourt workshop (Photo Jeremie Anne) (1)

The company has a growing international lease fleet in 22 European countries, and in France is the Entity in Charge of Maintenance for almost 60 locomotives with plans to increase this to 120.

Akiem Ostricourt workshop (Photo Jeremie Anne) (5)

The workshop has four spaces for the regular support of leased locomotives. There are also four spaces for undertaking mid-life overhauls, and an ongoing programme to overhaul 150 BB27000 and BB37000 locos at Hiolle Industries near Valenciennes will be transferred to the site.

The workshop has 70 staff, and includes a wheelset reprofiling facility which is available for other companies to use.