ELP Stadler Eurodual Gigawood

SWITZERLAND: Leasing company European Loc Pool reports that several of its customers expanded their fleets of leased locomotives in 2021, citing their performance and flexibility and ELP’s full-service maintenance and support package.

ELP owns Stadler EuroDual electro-diesel locomotives, and the company said that these had already demonstrated their strengths in the field. The EuroDual is rated at 2·8 MW in diesel mode and 6 MW when using overhead power. There are currently 40 EuroDual locomotives in operation in Germany and Scandinavia.

The next iteration of the design, branded Euro9000, is a multi-system electro-diesel variant. The first Euro9000s will begin operating in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Italy, Belgium and Switzerland from the second quarter of 2023. They will have a rating of 1·9 MW in diesel mode and up to 9 MW in electric.

ELP said it will seek type approval of the EuroDual in more countries in Europe this year, while a Euro9000 will be displayed at the InnoTrans trade show Berlin in September.

Meanwhile, it is also developing a ‘block train concept’ which will use ’innovative’ freight wagons to complement its portfolio.

  • ELP intends to expand its staff from seven employees at the end of 2021 to 11 by the end of this year. The recruitment process will focus on technical support and digitalisation roles.