Go-Ahead Nordic train in Norway

EUROPE: Train and bus operator Go-Ahead Group has joined the AllRail alliance of new entrants to the European rail market.

UK-based Go-Ahead operates rail and bus services in its home market, and since 2015 has been targeting international expansion with rail contracts in Germany and Norway as well as bus services in various countries.

‘Rail services around the world are part of the solution in tackling urban congestion and climate change’, said Go-Ahead CEO Christian Schreyer on February 7, adding that AllRail ’is the leading voice in Europe calling for open and fair competition, to create a rail market that will deliver the best service for people, communities and the environment’.

AllRail President Dr Erich Forster added that ‘Go-Ahead promotes the kind of modal shift that Europe wants to emulate. Therefore, the EU Green Deal must include a programme that expedites market opening in order to encourage such operators.’