RAIL.ONE: Concrete sleeper and ballastless track manufacturer Rail.One has announced plans for a corporate restructuring. Expected to be implemented during the third quarter of 2015, this will see separate companies formed for Germany, which it describes as ‘our most important market’, and for the ‘systematic further development’ of the company’s international activities.

Rail.One told Railway Gazette International the new structure aims to ‘shape the organisation towards further development and growth’, and there are no plans to spin-off, sell or form partnerships for the two new companies.

‘It is our conviction that corporate adaptability is a crucial factor in assuring sustainable success in our dynamic, competitive business environment’, said CEO Jochen Riepl.

‘Rail.One will grow internationally’, said Torsten Bode, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer. ‘As a result, we will access new markets with significant potential, not only for us, but also for our partners and clients. With our new corporate structure, we will simplify control of this growth.’

Rail.One has annual sales of €140m. It has more than 700 employees at plants in Germany, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Spain, South Korea, Turkey, Hungary and the USA, with a total annual production capacity of 3·3 million plain line sleepers and 680 000 metres of turnout bearers.