Bombardier Transportation has signed a four-year long-term service agreement with Hoppecke Industrial Batteries, which has supplied onboard batteries for about half of Bombardier's rolling stock. 'The agreement is all about working together to form positive synergies and improvements for both businesses', said Richard Jackson, Senior Buyer, Strategic Procurement at Bombardier's Derby plant in the UK. 'It is good to have strong commitments on both sides. The suppliers have assurances that we will continue to work with them and they promise to hold their prices for us.'

ITT Inc announced on January 26 that it had completed its acquisition of spring, buffer and coupler component supplier Axtone, which is based at Kańczuga in Poland and has 660 employees at six manufacturing locations.

On December 21 Caisse des Dépôts and Veolia finalised the shareholder reorganisation agreement under which Veolia is to withdraw from Transdev. Caisse des Dépôts has acquired 20% of Transdev’s capital for €220m, giving it a 70% stake and exclusive control, while Veolia retains 30% of Transdev’s capital on a transitional basis.

Facing a shortage of skilled welders, Russian manufacturer Altaivagon has deployed a third robot supplied by Fanuc which is being used to weld wagon frames with high precision and consistency.