RUSSIA: Increased production capacity and larger order volumes saw United Wagon Co manufacture a total of 12 400 wagons in 2015, a 28% increase on 2014’s total. Production in Q4 2015 reached 3 900 wagons, up 43% on the same period the previous year. The group obtained certification for six wagon designs last year, and began producing its first tank cars.

The group’s operational wagon fleet grew by 43% to reach 27 200 wagons as of December 31, with a major expansion of the fleet operated by the Vostok1520 subsidiary to meet demand for modern vehicle designs. Traffic carried in 2015 was up 4·6 million tonnes to 11·9 million tonnes or 47·9 billion tonne-km, with ‘dynamic growth’ as a result of an increase in average journey length and a rise in block train shipments.

UWC is expanding its network of wagon maintenance centres, and now has 51 sites in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

  • UWC has begun delivering wagon springs to Wabtec company Cardwell Westinghouse in the USA. Initial agreements cover 10 000 springs/year for two years, and UWC envisages that this could double.