Direct Rail Services news

News about UK freight operator Direct Rail Services, which is part of Nuclear Transport Solutions and has expanded from transporting nuclear materials into other markets.

  • Nestle Tesco rail 2
    Rail Business UK

    Raising-roof container designed to get supermarket goods onto rail


    UK: Supermarket Tesco is testing a curtain-sided container with a roof which can be raised to allow goods to be double-stacked from floor to ceiling, and then lowered for transport with railway clearances. This doubles the amount of goods which can be loaded. The container was ...

  • Zwiehoff Rotrac E2 shunter DRS Motherwell
    Rail Business UK

    Battery shunter replaces diesel locomotive


    UK: Mechan has supplied a Zwiehoff Rotrac E2 battery shunter to Direct Rail Services’ Motherwell maintenance site following a 14-month trial to verify that it could replace a diesel locomotive. The shunter is being used to move flat wagons in and out of the depot at ...

  • Direct Rail Services Class 68 and ship
    Rail Business UK

    Direct Rail Services becomes part of Nuclear Transport Solutions


    UK: The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority has brought together its transport subsidiaries including Direct Rail Services into a single Nuclear Transport Solutions division. NDA said NTS would be a centre of excellence for nuclear logistics, supporting its work to clean up UK civil nuclear sites and using ...