FRANCE: The greater Bordeaux authority has selected a joint venture of SFERIS and TSO Caténaires to undertake electrification work for the first phase of a project that could eventually see tram-train services operating along the SNCF route from Bordeaux to Le Verdon.

The initial phase involves 7⋅2 km of new construction from Ravezies on Line C of the Bordeaux tram network to Blanquefort station, with a single track to be laid for tram services alongside the single track currently used by SNCF TER services to Le Verdon. Mixed operation of light and heavy rail services on both tracks would then follow, with tram-train services operating between Bordeaux and Parempuyre.

SFERIS says that work is due to begin in March for completion during 2014. Over 16 months a team of 30 will be working to electrify the new track at 1⋅5 kV DC, requiring some 30 km of cabling in total.