SWITZERLAND: Metre-gauge operator Appenzeller Bahnen recently took delivery of two vehicles ordered as part of the St Gallen Durchmesserlinie project.

On March 27 Appenzeller Bahnen took delivery of the first of five ABe4/12 electric multiple-units ordered from Stadler for SFr40m in 2016. This is due to enter revenue service in May on the 32·1 km Gossau – Appenzell – Wasserauen route.

The three-car trainset is 58·8 m long, 2 650 mm wide and 3 990 mm high. There are 15 first-class and 138 second-class seats, 20 tip-up seats in four wheelchair spaces and capacity for 209 standing passengers.

The 53% low-floor EMUs have a maximum speed of 80 km/h and draw power at 1·5 kV DC.

The delivery followed the arrival of the first Tango light rail vehicle on the night of March 22-23. This was transported by lorry from Stadler’s Altenrhein factory and is due to enter revenue service in August.

Appenzeller Bahnen finalised an SFr84m order for 11 Tangos in 2016. These are to be put into service on the 29·8 km Trogen – St Gallen – Appenzell route.

The 59% low-floor six-section LRVs are 52·6 m long, with four double leaf doors per side. There are 12 first-class and 111 second-class seats, in addition to 24 tip-up seats in four wheelchair spaces and capacity for 218 standing passengers. Maximum speed is 80 km/h.

The EMUs and LRVs have been ordered as part of the Durchmesserlinie project to enable through running between Appenzeller Bahnen’s Trogen and Appenzell routes. This includes boring the 705 m Ruckhalde tunnel between St Gallen and Lustmühle which will replace a steeply-graded section of line which currently uses the Riggenbach-Klose rack system.

Once open in October, the Durchmesserlinie will allow Appenzeller Bahnen to operate services every 15 min between Trogen, St Gallen and Appenzell.