CZECH REPUBLIC: National operator ČD has ordered nine Škoda Vagónka Class 650 RegioPanter 3 kV DC/25 kV AC electric multiple-units for delivery by December 2018. This will take ČD fleet of RegioPanter Class 440, 640 and 650 EMUs to 37.

ČD intends to deploy the latest batch of EMUs on services between Plzeň and Horažďovice. However, this is subject to the region securing funding under the EU’s Transport Operational Programme II; if this cannot be agreed, ČD will pay for the EMUs from its own resources and use then elsewhere.

The order has been placed as an option within a KC1·2bn framework contract for 11 EMUs signed in February 2015. The first two have been deployed since December 2015 on regional route S2 from Mosty u Jablunkova via Český Těšín, Karviná, Bohumín and Ostrava to Ostrava-Mošnov airport.

The two-car 53 m long EMUs have a power rating of 1 360 kW and a maximum speed of 160 km/h. The 65% low -floor, air-conditioned vehicles have 147 seats, space for bulky luggage, prams or bicycles, a wheelchair-accessible WC, audio-visual information system, 230 V power sockets and free wi-fi.