EUROPE: The chief executives of the national operators in Germany, France and Italy have signed an agreement to set up a new governance structure for the TAP TSI. The TAP TSI Services Agreement is intended to facilitate the exchange of timetable and tariff data within Europe.

The agreement was welcomed by Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc who said that it would simplify the planning of rail travel and consistent sale of tickets in Europe and represented an important stop on the way to implementation of the TAP TSI.

DB Chairman Dr Rüdiger Grube said that it was ‘the first and so far the only European initiative in which all relevant actors in the ticketing sector come together and trust each other to co-operate .’ FS Italiane CEO Renato Mazzoncini said that the move ‘showed that the European railways and the European Commission can work hand in hand to make rail travel into a truly European experience that draws on digital progress.’ SNCF CEO Guillaume Pepy called on all European operators and the relevant stakeholders to join the agreement.