ITALY: The region of Sicilia announced on August 7 the results of a tender for the supply of five electric multiple-units. The strongest bid came from Pesa, ahead of offers from Newag and Stadler.

Pesa had submitted a tender to supply four-car sets from its Elf family. The region specified single- or double-deck EMUs for regional and suburban services using the 3 kV DC network, with five years of maintenance and options for further trainsets. The trains are to be no longer than 110 m with at least 180 seats and total capacity for 370 passengers, with a maximum speed of up to 140 km/h.

A formal supply contract is due to be signed in December, with deliveries due to take place within 36 months of signature.

Pesa is currently supplying 40 ATR220 Atribo diesel multiple-units to national operator Trenitalia, which were ordered in December 2013.