Container terminal (Photo: HHLA/Thies Raetzke)

GERMANY: The Federal Ministry for Digital & Transport has awarded Future of Rail Freight Transport programme funding to accelerate the development of the Modility combined transport booking platform.

Planned enhancements include improved information on prices and available train capacities, simplification of the booking process and options for the technical integration of other transport platforms.

Modility was initially launched in March 2021 with federal backing, and now has more than registered 350 users. It includes 40 train operators with around 2 500 departures per week on more than 650 routes throughout Europe.

‘The successful pilot phase as well as increasing user and booking numbers have shown the great demand and potential’, said Modility Managing Director Hendrik-Emmanuel Eichentopf on November 28.

‘We are not only an information site, but also a matchmaker between supply and demand.’