STM Type 13-6704 fast container wagon

RUSSIA: Sinara Transport Machines has unveiled a prototype wagon developed to meet Federal Freight Co’s requirements for transporting containerised high-margin goods between far eastern and European Russia at passenger trains speeds of 140 km/h.

The Type 13-6704 wagon has a pair of three-axle bogies and other features designed to provide a high capacity within a 20 tonne axleload, so that the wagon can carry two 40 ft containers.

The design was developed to Russian Railways subsidiary FFC’s specifications by STM Group’s Remputmash business and the VNIKTI rolling stock research institute. Assembly was undertaken at Remputmash’s Kaluga factory, using bogies supplied from the Lyudinovo Diesel Locomotive Plant and frames welded at the Kalugaputmash plant.

Initial testing will be carried out at 120 km/h on the Shcherbinka circuit, ahead of 140 km/h trials on the Belorechensk – Maikop section of the Severo-Kavkazskaya Railway. Certification is expected in Q4 2021.

‘We have all the necessary skills in the design and manufacture of high speed rolling stock’, said Anton Zubikhin, General Director of STM. ‘For example, Lastochka electric multiple-units which can reach speeds up to 160 km/h, and AM-140 multi-purpose vehicles which can run at speeds up to 140 km/h. The creation of a flat wagon is another milestone that we have achieved. This wagon will allow Russian Railways to transport containers from China to Europe in seven days.’