UWC tank car Type 15-9993-03

RUSSIA: United Wagon Co has obtained federal certification for a custom-designed liquid chemical and hydrocarbon tank wagon, with the first batch being produced for the RN-Trans logistics subsidiary of oil company Rosneft.

‘In response to a request from our customer, we have custom designed a new model of tank car which can be used to transport chemicals with a density of up to 1·036 tonnes/m³’, said UWC Sales Director Ivan Mikhalevich. ‘These cars are the only ones on the market licensed to effectively carry such range of loads.’

The Type 15-9993-03 wagon has 25 tonne axleload bogies offering extended maintenance intervals and providing a capacity of 73 tonnes or 88 m3, which the manufacturer said is 7 tonnes and 15 m3 more than equivalent 23·5 tonne axleload designs.

The tank has a bent axis for maximum drainage, and a discharge valve that prevents excess pressure and vacuum formation. The drainage and filling connection and loading hatch are protected with an outer cover, so that single-element seal can be applied. There are raised platforms for maintenance access.

Mikhalevich said UWC was continuing with a policy of diversifying its product range and distribution channels, ‘so that it can quickly adapt to changes in demand and ensure that its products remain a competitive choice’.