ITALY: DB Schenker has opened a logistics centre and covered road-rail transhipment facility adjacent to Schenker Italiana's existing site at Dinazzano near Bologna and Modena in northern Italy. The new facility includes hard standing and a 600 m siding serving a 250 m shed where valuable or sensitive goods can be transhipped in any weather.

In addition to the automotive industry, the region is home to more than 200 companies producing tiles and terracotta products. DB Schenker trains deliver around 1 million tonnes of clay a year from the Westerwald region of Germany, and transport tiles and ceramics back to northern Europe.

'Our new multimodal logistics centre serves as an interface between the different modes of transport and enables a high quality of service in a wide range of logistics services,' said Schenker AG board member Karl Nutzinger on September 20. 'The new terminal has allowed us to continue to expand our leading position in linking road and rail.'