LTG Cargo loco

EUROPE: Lithuania’s national freight operator LTG Cargo has stopped the leasing of its flat wagons and banned their transport to Russia or Belarus, out of concern that the governments could nationalise them and use them for military purposes as part of the invasion of Ukraine.

LTG Cargo said 325 of its flat wagons were in Russia and Belarus, and called for them to be returned.

‘Taking into account both official and received unofficial information, we are implementing complex actions’, said LTG Cargo CEO Eglė Šimė on March 8. ’First, we assess the possible links between customers and EU-sanctioned individuals. If we identify such connections, we will refuse and already refuse to transport their cargo — at the end of last week we stopped the transport of Metalloinvest cargo.

’Secondly, we aim to prevent the use of the company’s flat wagons for military purposes.

‘We unequivocally condemn the military actions of the aggressor countries against Ukraine, and the actions we are taking are aimed at reducing the links with them so that they cannot use the company’s assets.’