TURKEY: Swiss rail freight, rolling stock and container group InterRail has established a Turkish subsidiary, saying it sees great potential on trade routes linking western Europe, the CIS, Central Asia and China. It also wants to develop Turkey as a hub for transport from North Africa.

Enver Eser-1

InterRail Uluslararası Nakliyat ve Lojistik Hizmetler TAŞ is based in Istanbul and headed by Managing Director Enver Eser, who spent 20 years managing logistics projects at DHL, most recently primarily in the rail sector.

‘With its geo-strategically favourable location between Asia and Europe, Turkey is one of the most important international transport hubs’ Eser explained when the subsidiary was launched on August 8. It ‘not only acts as a bridge between east and west, but also towards the north and south’.

InterRail said the coronavirus pandemic and ‘recurring problems on the EU – China trade lane’ had provided momentum for the development of new routes, noting that many manufacturers were realigning their supply chains and moving closer to their sales markets.